We’ve heard and we know that masturbation is a fact of life. Even Christ Embassy founder and CEO – Chris Oyakhilome – is on record as saying God does not frown at DIY (Do It Yourself).

But doing it in public, in broad daylight? Hmmmm!

Well, that’s exactly what one woman has done. You’re right, you heard me right!

Beverly Dean is a successful businesswoman.

Sometime in February this year, near Waitrose supermarket in Northwich, Cheshire, England, she sat on a bench outside and unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her breasts and put them on show for all who walked past.

Dean admitted a charge of outraging public decency. Her lawyer said she was seriously embarrassed by the episode (Image: Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

The 54-year-old then began to touch her genitals under her skirt as she sat on the riverbank near the store in the full glare of passersby, in broad daylight, eyewitnesses said, adding that she appeared to be filming herself.

The police were called.

When they arrived, officers discovered sex toys and lubricant in Dean’s handbag, according to Manchester Evening News. 

Dean pleasured herself on a bench in broad daylight (Image: Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

And Dean was arrested and charged with outraging public decency.

The paper added that on the day of hearing, July 20, Dean wept at Chester Magistrates’ Court as she was told the charge carries a maximum sentence of six months in prison. 

The court was told how the incident happened at around 3.30pm on Feb. 25.

The incident happened outside the Waitrose store in Northwich (Image: Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

Prosecutor Shannen Carey told the court: “The defendant is seen to put her fingers in her mouth and then proceed to put them between her legs. She appeared to be masturbating.

“She had her mobile phone in her right hand and appeared to be filming herself or taking photos of herself performing the act. She stopped to smoke a cigarette and then continued to suck on her fingers and placed them between her legs.

“After she did this she stood up from the bench and both breasts were exposed. Her blouse was unbuttoned and her coat was hanging off her shoulders.

“Officers were called and the defendant was arrested. Her property was searched and an assortment of sex toys and lubricants were found in the defendant’s bag.”

Carey said there were no sentencing guidelines for that offence in particular, but that the Crown Prosecution Service suggested looking at the guidelines for exposure as a reference point.

She added that “It is aggravated that it was in a public place and there was the risk of the presence of children.”

Dean, a divorcee with no previous convictions, initially denied all allegations but eventually pleaded guilty before her lawyer made a strong case for the court to spare her jail time.

“This is a matter that will need the intervention of the probation service. There is a guilty plea at the earliest opportunity and there are no previous convictions,” her lawyer Shane O’Neill said.

“We need to know what is happening within her life as she is getting to an age and committing this offence. There was some suggestion that she was filming herself.

“But when the police took her phone there was nothing on it. The officer looked at it and said there was nothing recorded on it.

“There was no room for any children to go past. We are not disputing that children may have been in the area but what she said is that there weren’t any children in the area. She accepts responsibility for what she did,” he added.

The magistrates adjourned the hearing for probation reports to be prepared. Chairman James Fawson said: “The bench are going to need to know more about you and in order for that to happen the probation service will prepare a report.

“Between now and your next court appearance, the things that need to happen are that you stay in regular contact with your legal representative and fully cooperate with the probation service. That way, the next bench can sentence you fairly and with confidence.”

On Aug. 16, the court slapped Dean with £200 fine for masturbating half naked in the public in broad daylight.

Dean was slapped with a fine at Chester Magistrates Court (Image: Julian Hamilton/Daily Mirror)


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