In a public institution where students are meant to pay lower tuition fees, Prof. Maxwell Ogbulu’s administration has increased tuition fee from 122,000 Naira to 500,000 Naira.

These are people who benefited from Obafemi Awolowo’s free education of 1955 treating today’s students in such a very wicked manner.

Today in Abia State, a child of a poor man can no longer get education, because, we have leaders who want to get stupendously rich by all means.

Save for primitive accumulation of wealth, what would make Prof. Maxwell Ogbulu to embark on such move in a time our people are living in a hell of a State?

They want to accumulate the final wealth before the new government Abians voted for comes on board.

The Abia State university should as a matter of urgency cut the school fees hike to a very moderate level or have us to contend with.

What kind of inhumanity should we call this?

It is practically impossible for the vice-chancellor of Abia State university and the school management to hike the institution’s tuition fee without the knowledge, advice or consent of the governor.

It was Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu who mandated the institution to hike the tuition fee, either to use it to play a cheap politics which he has done now or to do a final looting through same in a case where the people did not complain and or question such.

Now that such decision has raised a dust, the governor has denied them and betrayed them as usual. 

When Hon. Ginger Onwusibe was rusticated by Prof. Maxwell Ogbulu, following the orders of the governor, immediately it became a public discourse, the governor denied having knowledge of such.

When same treatment was meted out to me through the directives of the governor’s then chief of staff, the governor denied having knowledge of it. Immediately my troubles became intense on them, he almost swore over the phone never to have an idea.

One lifestyle I can tell about Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu is that he has the characteristics of that proverbial character who would go into the bush to cut, and would later appear on the walkway to ask for who’s cutting. 

School fees, na you hike. School fees, na you still cancel.


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