Oftentimes, one hears some horror tales between a landlord and a tenant.

But one landlord in the United States was determined to change the narrative by going above and beyond to make sure her tenant “felt welcome” when he or she moved into her property last week.

Sabrina Ricks Avery shared on Facebook some photos of the care package she left in the kitchen for the new tenant.

Avery stocked the fridge and pantry with breakfast, lunch and dinner foodstuff. She also added snacks and a few cleaning essentials as well as a luxury gift item.

A landlord in the US left an epic care package for their tenant to ensure they “felt welcome” when moving in. Photo: Sabrina Ricks Avery/Facebook

The food items included bread, eggs, milk and juice. They came with such treats as croissants, chocolates, muffins and a bottle of wine.

Some of the items included a bottle of wine, chocolates, croissants, muffins and a loaf of bread. Photo: Sabrina Ricks Avery/Facebook

Paper towels, dishwashing tablets and detergent were also packed into a large basket on the kitchen countertop.

To show she didn’t mind spending a bit extra cash, Avery purchased a cushion as well as a frame with the text “it’s so good to be home” emblazoned on the front.

The fridge was stocked with eggs, milk, orange juice, cream, iced coffee and pies. Photo: Sabrina Ricks Avery/Facebook

“I have a tenant moving into a home I own tomorrow and wanted her to feel welcome and start our landlord/renter relationship on the right foot and hope that by showing them care, they will want to care for the property,” Avery wrote alongside the photos on Facebook.

She added: “Aldi all the way! I made sure there was food for breakfast, lunch and dinner so they don’t have to worry as they move in. And snacks.

“Also a basket full of necessities to make sure they have what they need as they move in. I’m so pleased with how it turned out.”

The post attracted thousands of likes and comments as Facebook users were blown away by the kind gesture.

“This is the most considerate, thoughtful thing I’ve ever seen,” one of the comments reads.

Another reads: “The world needs more landlords like you.” 

Cleaning items such as dishwashing tablets, scourers and detergent were also included in a large basket. Photo: Sabrina Ricks Avery/Facebook


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