Now that I’m in the mood let me leave this here.

Last week, it was total violence on this space. Initially, I found it amusing but then, it dawned on me that people don’t get it. Like we’re actually trying to stifle people from standing in their truth?

Listen up Ndi Igbo!

There’s no we-we in this game. That we actually think that the Yorubas will gamble with this opportunity to hold power is the height of ignorance and delusion. They want power. They will do everything to grab it. It doesn’t matter if the person leading is MC Oluomo.

They don’t have to like him. But they will not gabble with this opportunity.

From the church to the mosque. From Ifa worshippers and Sango. There’s one single target, Grab power.

So, don’t ever think there’s some JV going on. Stop bullying or blackmailing people who were taught by their fathers how to exist and thrive in this quagmire called Nigeria.

Awo taught them well. Atiku grabbing the PDP ticket was strategic. The North wouldn’t mind retaining power and there’s nothing wrong with this. It is, what it is: POLITICS. We had nobody to teach us. Our leaders have been self-serving.

But we can start now and get it right but first, we need to quit with the sentimental B. S. 

Politics is a crucial competition. It is devoid of emotions. So, I suggest we go back to our drawing board.

I suggest that as Ndi Igbo we will gather our votes in block and be strategic about where we push it to. We may not win now, but we will make a statement. And send the warning shot that we’re finally awake. We’re very determined and resilient people.

We can do this. IT IS OUR TURN. And I say this without any apology or reservations.

We shouldn’t say this with fear. We shouldn’t whine while trying to communicate this FACT.

We have to be firm, purposeful, resolute and UNITED. We must be willing to take responsibility for the times we messed up. Until we do this, we ain’t going anywhere!

So here it is.

You can weep or loose your mind if you want to. 


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