Why is everywhere quiet?  

Why the conspiratorial silence? 

Why the murderous slumber? 

Why are the candidates sleeping? 

If Prof. Ikonne is expeditiously unavailable, must the momentum drop to the point that the ruling party in Abia State, the PDP, is being boxed to a corner, to assume the position of an opposition party, while Nana, the candidate of the YPP, is over running the whole state?

Where are the PDP candidates? 

Are they not supposed to maintain the momentum, to keep the flag flying, to sustain the wave that Prof. has raised? 

Should PDP lose this election because Prof. is temporarily unavailable? In this our time and in this our clime, didn’t Ochendo win election from prison, without ever appearing or mounting on any public podium? 

Does the tactical absence of the Commanding General amount to the end of the war or to outright defeat? Why can’t the candidates cover up and continue to galvanize the electorates?

Why are they behaving as if they are waiting for Prof?

In Abia Central, the trio of Ginger, Dannie and Darloo have chased our candidates into hiding. Their presence is being felt everywhere.  They are conquering new territories everyday and asserting themselves. 

What is Colonel Akobundu doing? Or doesn’t he know that his territory extends to Isiala Ngwa North, South and Osisioma LGAs?  

Where is  Chief Anthony Agbazuere? There is no single action coming from his camp. Where is the flamboyant and charismatic Oweee Miasma? I was in a traditional marriage function in Ntigha this December and he sneaked in anonymously, without the fanfare of a candidate on ground. 

Collins Iheonunekwu and Roland  Ceasar are a bit new in the ring, but that should have been the reason for a more vibrant action…. to assert themselves as holding the four aces.

The whole of Abia North looks like a conquered territory and a conquered people, simply because Prof. is not around. 

Can’t the candidates hold the stage? 

Can’t they continue to galvanize the movement? 

The candidates in Osisioma and Ukwa East and West are absentee landlords. They are waiting for Governor Okezie or for Prof. to come back.

It is only in Obingwa, especially Uhie where Igodo has consolidated the ground and  affirmed his permanent position. His movement is also extending to other candidates. Thank God that Chinwe Nwanganga has suddenly woken up and is now matching Abidabi, function to function, burial to burial, ceremony to ceremony, ward to ward, village to village, unit to unit and LGA to LGA. He has now asserted himself as a candidate and not as an appendage of the governor.

Today is January 9th and there is a deafening quietude. 

The Uche Ndi Abia train has been grounded because Prof. is not around. Should this be the case?  

In the military, this could be interpreted as sabotage. My mind keeps wandering: do our people think that this election is still the old style? Are they hoping on the eleventh hour magic, popularized by Obingwa people? 


This is just a wake up call, coming from the stable of a journalist.

To be continued.


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