Words fail me. 

This doesn’t happen easily to me.

I’m shattered. 

I’m heartbroken.

Jonathan Tunde Mark, one of my closest friends.

All-round erudite, great guy.

Great talker.

Patient listener.

Tunde and I would spend hours talking about everything from the earth to the moon and to the sun and back to the earth again.

Even as he was fighting cancer in a UK hospital, Tunde and I would find time to talk and catch up.

He would always tell me how beautiful my wife and children are.

And I would always tell him how wonderful his Japanese wife and (his) child are.

With a guy like Tunde, I hoped for a better Nigeria.

Talk about politics, economics, philosophy, law, science, name it –

Tunde was a walking encyclopedia.

And he touched so very many lives.

Tunde, I wish I knew your message a couple of weeks ago was a goodbye.

I wish I knew our conversation a few weeks back was our last.

Bro. T., I’m in shock!

I’m waiting for a call to tell me this is a prank.

Words have failed me!

Wake up, Bro. T.!


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