Several years ago, a young woman called me and insisted she needed to see me.

I obliged her and made an appointment to meet.

When she showed up, I saw that she is a paraplegic, wheelchair bound.

We settled in and she began to tell her story.

She is a lawyer and had wanted to acquire a master’s degree from some university in the UK. She had secured admission but had no hope of paying the fees speakless of showing proof of living cost.

She tried to find help from people close to her and not so close to her all to no avail.

One day, her spirit suggested to her to approach a certain business mogul in the public eye. She questioned this suggestion and fought herself against it but eventually gave in when she realised how desperate she was and that she had nothing to lose.

She got to his office and, of course, his security would not let her through without an appointment.

Not deterred, the young hopeful sat patiently at the reception area, determined to not budge until she at least got an opportunity to be asked why she was so desperate to see the man.

Eventually, one of the security people took pity on her and went to ask her why she was so determined to see Chairman.

After she explained, he suggested that it might be easier to see Chairman’s wife (she works with him). He proclaimed that she’s a nice and kind woman and would help if she could. He then went away and briefed Madam’s PA who in turn briefed Madam.

Madam left her office and came out to the reception to find out what the buzz was about.

After listening to the young lady, she adviced her to write Chairman a letter, detailing her request, providing accounts and methods of payment including her contact.

She promised to deliver it personally.

Long story short, the paraplegic young lady’s fees were paid in full and her living cost also fully paid for the one year of her studies.

When she returned from the UK, she made efforts to see Chairman to thank him but was unable to get face time with him.

All she could do was take some friends to his office and they stayed out in the car park and prayed for him and his family.

The reason she sought me out was because she knew I had direct access to him and she wanted me to arrange a meeting so she could thank him.

The same week, I went to see Chairman and told him the young lady’s story.

He chuckled.

“I can’t even remember this. There are too many people I pay fees for. Let her not disturb herself, jare. The blessing of God is for the sake of blessing others. All the gratitude I need is for her to do well”, he said.

This was the depth of the heart of my Chairman, High Chief Raymond Anthony Aleogho Dokpesi, Chairman and founder of DAAR Communications PLC.

When I got a tuition scholarship to study for my master’s degree in the UK, I was in a similar position as the young lady in this story. I had no money to show living cost.

I had written to the management for support but some less kind-hearted lady was concertedly blocking my effort.

When I took my case to Chairman, he whipped out his magic wand and made my problem disappear.

If you had a problem and took it to High Chief Raymond Dokpesi, it was solved.

In fact, even if you didn’t take it to him and he got to hear about it, it would still be solved.

He was a boisterous, always happy larger-than-life man. He socialised with everybody and would be happy to sit, share a drink and swap stories with you even if you were his security man.

Chairman was very supportive of his people (DAAR Communications PLC people). He loved young brilliant and innovative people and always supported ideas and projects that we took to the management.

Although he had a bit of a temper, he was not a vindictive person at all. He hated injustice and would readily step in if one took any case of victimisation to him. He loved to correct wrongs.

The determination and fighting spirit of High Chief Dokpesi was out of this world.

After he had a health scare in London some years ago, he came back and decided to make some radical lifestyle changes. He declared to me in an interview (with him) that he didn’t want to be dependent on medication. That he was going to take his health back and amaze his doctors.

That was exactly what he did.

He fitted a gym in his home, shed over 30kg, became as fit and strong as an athlete in his prime.

Not surprising at all.

We are speaking of Raymond Dokpesi, a 360 degree accomplished man, a pioneer, a brilliant business mogul, a compassionate man, a fabulously generous spirit, an astute politician and a chronic truth-sayer.

The best boss I have ever had.

His death is a nightmare for all of us who loved him and looked up to him.

Our hearts are inconsolably broken.

May his soul find eternal rest.

May his legacies never fade and may his name continue to cause ripples in the media and communication world.


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