Law enforcement officers have arrested Adejare Adegbenro who has been parading himself as the Director-General of NATCOM.

NATCOM, formerly NATFORCE, was proscribed by the National Security Council in 2022.

Adegbenro is said to have re-styled NATFORCE into NATCOM for the purpose of carrying out nefarious and fraudulent activities.

It was discovered that NATCOM, which falsely presents itself as a government agency responsible for controlling the proliferation of small arms and light weapons, is illegal and has been operating without any authority for the purpose of defrauding unsuspecting victims.

Some of the victims have come forward to accuse Adegbenro and his associates of selling them fake appointment letters, promising them lucrative positions within the fake government agency.

Sources have expressed amazement at how Adegbenro managed to operate for so long with impunity without raising eyebrows. Speculations are rife that he may have enjoyed high-level backing.

Access to small arms and light weapons have in recent years heightened criminal activities of violent gangs, drug-driven crimes and other security threats against the public.


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