It is no longer news that Ikpeazu came to governance unprepared.

Ikpeazu inherited a very corrupt and bad system instituted by his predecessors.

Ikpeazu also lacked the political will and political balls to change the ugly narrative he inherited. He was completely committed to ensuring that he maintained the evil system .

Another reason why the Umuobiakwa-born Adventist failed is because of the greedy, corrupt, thieves he surrounded himself with.

At a time, we were made to believe that Ikpeazu was being controlled by the Lord’s in Umuahia but along the line, we found out that Ikpeazu surrounded himself with debilitating economic buccaneers.

These evil men worked as if they wanted Ikpeazu to succeed but deep inside them, their plan was to amass so much wealth and loot everything in sight in the state.

They strategized by arming characters like Chinonye Mba , Nwabueze Success Onyekachi, John Okiyi Kalu and others with Android phones with the core mandate of attacking any person who speaks against the very corrupt Abia government.

They also armed others with cheap Android phones with 30k monthly subscription with the core mandate to whip up ethnic sentiments like: “When T.A Orji was looting, why didn’t you talk?,” “When OUK was looting, where were you?,” “You are now talking because it is an Ngwa man’s turn?”

They also told their minions that “Ihedigbo, Dodoh, Offor and others are attacking Ikpeazu because he is an Ngwa man. So, go and insult, blackmail, attack and possibly destroy them.” They were advised to create multiple fake social media accounts to help them advance their evil mission against God’s anointed servants of truth.

While these “useful idiots” were on this dead-on-arrival mission, the very men who sent them were busy looting the state dry and amassing so much billions for themselves.

They intentionally and technically removed these “blind” men from the reality on ground and made a fool of them all.

Now ask yourself, what exactly did these men surrounding Ikpeazu bring to him?

Today, they are all billionaires while the state is in total ruins.

Thousands of those youth who egged the impunity on have been sacked long time ago.

Those that are retained are more like walking corpses already, moving around with state-wide curses.

To be continued


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