I have read a piece written by Chief Don Ubani, my uncle. I’ve equally read that of John Okiyi Kalu and that of Eze Chikamnayo. 

In their individual narratives, they all blamed the institution’s leadership all in an attempt to exonerate the Abia State government and Uche Ikonne from the mess they plunged that institution into.

One thing these people should know is that most of us are not daft. We have unrestricted access to every information we need to put things in the right perspective.

The worst form of disservice one could do himself is to gleefully tell blatant lies or even half-truth just to defend the indefensible.

When you tell the people of Abia State that the Abia State government injected N7.1b into Abia Poly as subventions without also telling them how the same government through her privies and agents collected and looted half of the (same) subventions by cohesion and intimidation, that amounts to half-truth.

The truth is that those who have manned the Abia Poly leadership since 2015 till today have been so unlucky. They unluckily ran into the hands of criminal elements in the government house whose only interest is to steal everything left of the state without conscience. 

If any former rector of Abia Poly can summon the courage to voice out the truth of what goes on in the institution, you will truly understand why that tertiary institution has failed.

Do you know that once the government approves and releases a subvention to the institution’s leadership, the same government goes from behind to mandate and force the institution’s leadership with intimidation to release half of the funds for white elephant projects that can never be executed? 

Don, Okiyi and Chikamnayo can never tell you this.

Each time you see me talk about the many havocs the “blood tonic cabal” in the Abia government house has caused this state, I do so with every sense of responsibility. These guys are too greedy that they do not care about the rest of the state. One of the people seriously selling Uche Ikonne to succeed Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu has his hands deeply rooted in the woes that have finally killed the Abia State Polytechnic today.

The same man has been placed on several appointments in the current government in Abia State and was even projected to be governor before the cabal finally settled for the very old Uche Ikonne, who also contributed greatly to the woes that finally consumed the Abia State Polytechnic. 

This man is no other person than Rt. Hon. C.O. Enweremadu.

Hon. C.O. Enweremadu, who is the serving commissioner for local government and chieftaincy affairs in Abia State, was the chairman of the governing council of the Abia State Polytechnic when Prof. Allwell Onukaogu was the rector of the institution. 

At the time, Hon. Enweremadu awarded six contracts running into hundreds of millions to himself at the Osisioma campus of the institution without delivering any of those contracts. What this means is that C.O. Enweremadu collected the resources running into hundreds of millions and never carried out any of those contracts. 

The government of Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu got this report in 2015 and never did anything about it. 

Instead, they further deepened the misery by coercively collecting returns from all the subventions they have released to the institution through her agents by way of introducing unrealized and or unrealizable contracts with no conscience.

They will tell you how they injected N7.1b into Abia Poly but never will they tell you how they also siphoned the same resources from behind with their usual intimidation techniques. 

Abians, do you now see why C.O. Enweremadu is bent on telling you to elect Uche Ikonne as your next governor? 

All of them want nothing but another criminal mind who would assist them run away from answering to the crimes they committed against Abians by way of awarding contracts to themselves without delivering on any after they had pocketed Abia’s resources. 

Dear Abians, shine your eyes! 

Once bitten is twice shy!


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