Well-known Nigerian actress Ada Ameh, 48, has died.

Ameh, who acted in the popular The Johnsons series, died in Warri, Delta State, Sunday night.

Sources say Ameh was visiting an oil company executive and his family in the oil-rich city when she collapsed and was rushed to the nearby Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Hospital. 

Ameh died on the way to the medical facility, reports say.

The actress, who played Anita in the movie Domitilla in 1996, was most famous for playing Emu in the award-winning Nigerian television series, The Johnsons.

A few weeks ago, the actress spoke about her struggles with mental health.

“Everything is going to be fine,” she said. “I have an issue right now and it’s taking my life. I will not die. We will get over it.”

The actress talked about how she was given a job but could not do it because she was passing through mental issues.

Ameh earlier revealed she got pregnant with her daughter, her only child, when she was only 13.

This happened because peers introduced her to sex early, she explained.

However, she lost her daughter who was in her 30s in 2020 after an unsuccessful surgery in Abuja.


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