A burial hymn has it that we all shall be remembered by the work we have done. 

Therefore, I ask – what will this government be remembered for in about eight months from now?

This is Aba-Owerri Road. This is perhaps the most important road in the entirety of Abia State. It is the major entry and exit route into and out of the legendary Enyimba City, Aba Dee Sam Mbakwe,  Aba the historical city of Aba Women Riot.

This road was built with taxpayers’ money and commissioned with fanfare less than two months ago. 

For the commissioning ceremony of this road, the whole world, including Abia’s supervisory governor, was gathered in Aba in a flamboyant ceremony that obviously cost more money than what was spent on building the road.

The same road that was commissioned less than two months ago is what you see in these pictures today. 

Whoever that has the ears of our brother, the governor, should call his attention to this. This is one great disservice to his memory as a one-time governor. 

This is one brazen assault on the sensibility of Abians whose common patrimony is said to have been used in the construction of this road.

This is a great disservice to our collective image as Nde Ngwa whose son and brother supervised this charade.

While calling my attention to the deplorable condition of this road, a friend from Isuikwuato said to me: “Oga Manja, see Aba Owerri Road. Hope you guys said that ‘Nwa Aba ga aru Aba?’; Onye Ngwa achiala nu.”

I felt ashamed of myself because we brought home this ant-infested firewood. 

Now, the lizard has paid us a visit.


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