The Australian government has announced it will extend post-study work rights for foreign or international students who graduate with degrees that will help ease workforce shortages in the country.

This will give new graduates time to find jobs in the Australian labour market.

Although the government is yet to list the degrees qualifying for the scheme, the announcement to that effect is expected sometime in October once a working advisory group summits its recommendations.

Meanwhile, Australia has earmarked AUS$36m to improving visa processing for international students and reducing delays in visa decisions..

How does post study work extension work?

Selected bachelor’s degrees will earn international students a four-year post-study work permit – up from the current two years’ limit.

Selected master’s degrees will afford students up to five years of post-study work permit – up from the current three years.

Graduates of selected Ph.D degrees will be allowed to work for up to six years – up from the current four years.

Why study in Australia?

With its renowned universities, diverse landscapes and a welcoming culture, Australia has something for everyone.

It is a great place to study for a number of reasons:

Some of the world’s best universities are in Australia, offering a wide range of courses and programs.

It is a beautiful country.: home to stunning beaches, lush rainforests, rugged mountains.

Australians are welcoming and hospitable. 

So if you’re thinking of studying in the West, be sure to add Australia to your list. 

Scholarships in Australia

Australia offers a number of scholarships to international students. 

What you need to study in Australia:

Student visa

Offer of admission from an Australian university

Proof of financial resources to support your studies 

Meet English language requirements

For more information, visit Australia scholarship positions.


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