The United Kingdom has issued fresh security advice to its citizens in Nigeria and those considering a trip to the West African country.

In an updated foreign advisory, the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office asked Britons to avoid at least 12 states in Nigeria, adding that the rest of Nigeria’s states should be travelled to only if it is essential.

This comes barely two weeks after the UK, Canada and the US issued advisories to their citizens, warning of possible terrorists’ attack in Nigeria, particularly on Abuja and larger cities such as Lagos.

The advisory updated on Monday on its website reads: “The FCDO no longer advises against all but essential travel to the Federal Capital Territory, including the city of Abuja, but risks remain, and further details about the continued threat from terrorism in this region has been added. The FCDO advice against travelling to other areas of Nigeria remains in place.

“The FCDO advises against all travel to Borno State, Yobe, Adamawa, Gombe, Kaduna, Katsina, Zamfara, and the riverine areas of Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Cross River states.”

The advisory also listed other states as risks areas and advised travels to them only on very essential basis.

“The FCDO advises against all but essential travel to Bauchi State, Kano Jigawa, Niger, Sokoto, Kogi, within 20km of the border with Niger in Kebbi State, Abia, non-riverine areas of Delta, Bayelsa and Rivers states, Plateau, and Taraba states.” 


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