The Nigeria Police Force, Abia State Command, has arrested the General Overseer of Agape Evangelical Ministries (City of Miracles), situated at Obikabia Junction in Aba, Abia State. 

The arrest is in connection with the death of a married female member of the church in a hotel where they (she and he) lodged.

The deceased mother-of-five, known as Evangelist Happiness, was staying at Jubilee Guest House, Ovum in Ogborhill, along with the gospel preacher.

Evangelist Happiness was found lifeless in the hotel room on the night of Aug. 12 at about 11.

The pastor left the hotel when the death occurred, telling the receptionist he was going to go buy food.

When he didn’t come back, the following day, the hotel manager called in the police.

Upon their arrival, the police found the woman, unresponsive and naked with foam oozing from her mouth and nose.

Examining the deceased’s phone, the police determined she was a member of the Agape Evangelical Ministries Incorporated led by Bishop Timothy Otu – the man who had left the hotel the previous night on the pretext of going to buy food.

Messages on the dead woman’s phone further revealed a romantic relationship between her and Bishop Otu. 

Police investigations also showed Happiness passed away during a sexual romp with her bishop.

The police went to the bishop’s church at Obikabia Junction in Obingwa and sat in on his Sunday service, during which he preached a sermon on repentance.

At end of the sermon, policemen from the Eastern Ngwa Police Station in Obingwa took him into custody.

Evangelist Happiness hailed from Umuatakawom in Obingwa Local Government Area of Abia State. 

Her husband was away in Bayelsa State working when the incident occurred.


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