Former Kano Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi says the Governor of  the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) – Godwin Emefiele – has assured him the Arabic inscription in the naira notes would not be removed from the redesigned currency.

Mixed reactions had greeted the apex bank’s announcement last week that it had redesigned the N100, N200, and N1000 notes because some Islamic scholars alleged that redesigning the naira was a ploy to remove the Islamic inscription.

Against the backdrop of suspicion by Islamic scholars, some Nigerians urged the CBN to remove the inscription from the redesigned naira, causing a section of Nigerians to assume the inscriptions were actually going to be removed.

Reacting, Sanusi – a one-time CBN governor – urged Islamic leaders to always verify their facts and stop spreading false, unsubstantiated information.

“There has been speculation going round about the change of some naira notes. I heard various scholars commenting, with some implying that the Ajami on the naira notes would be removed.

“Since the issue came up, we have spoken to some people in the Central Bank, and they confirmed to me that such a plan is non-existent.

“When the misconception became widespread, I spoke to the CBN governor himself, and he also confirmed to me that there is no plan whatsoever to remove the Ajami.

“So, I want to appeal to Islamic scholars to please stop acting on unsubstantiated reports.”

The new naira notes will come into use on Dec. 5th, 2022.


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