This was Aba as at yesterday evening.

Aba is squalid.

There is this regurgitating stench that kills in the air.

Aba emits so much putrid odour.  

A decomposing corpse pales into insignificance in comparison.

The squalor is of epidemic proportion. The gory sights of many sites in Aba and Umuahia put our humanity and claim to civilization to much questioning.

Yes. We have an incumbent governor and government till 29th May, 2023.

Gov-Elect Alex Otti, a free born and an elected Governor, took Julius Berger to see and evaluate the deplorable state of Port Harcourt Road. This is part of his grand plan of hitting the ground running once on the saddle.

Hell was let loose. He was called desperate. He was seen as usurping the powers of the incumbent Governor. He was accused of running a parallel Government.

It was said there is a subsisting government and Governor. And these would subsist till the 29th May, 2023. 

I agree.

Now, the issue is this:

Could those who castigated Dr. Alex Otti for merely “sight-seeing” Port Harcourt Road on the basis of having an incumbent government impress it on the same incumbent government to be alive to her responsibilities such as saving Abians from imminent epidemic by removing the mountains of dirt and refuse in Aba and other areas?


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