The very day I brought to the public space the pictures of Mr. Raymond Aliga’s hotel bought with Abia resources in Ikoyi, Lagos State, I made a promise that I will be exposing and unearthing all the properties acquired by Deaconess Nkechi Ikpeazu with Abia funds.

Deaconess Nkechi Ikpeazu is a woman who became Abia’s First Lady by virtue of her husband becoming Abia governor in 2015. Since 2015 when these people assumed office, they shared and apportioned the entire State to themselves. 

Just as Gov. Ikpeazu handed ASOPADEC over to one of his cronies, Her Excellency’s share of the apportionment was Abia major markets. From Ekeoha Market to Ariaria Market down to Ahia Ohuru, Mrs. Nkechi Ikpeazu is the one in charge.

One may wonder why, upon all the revenues being generated from our major markets, these markets still appear so unwelcoming and still remain pitiable sights to behold.  The simple reason is that all the markets and whatever revenues generated from them belong to Her Excellency. While her husband is doing injustice to local government allocations, ASOPADEC allocations, etc., she is focusing on market revenues. 

Mrs. Nkechi Ikpeazu has a personal assistant who assists her in doing the dirty and dishonorable job. He goes by the name Peter Johnson C.

Mr. Peter’s work is to go to the various markets to assemble loyalists who would aid the deliberate theft of market revenues. He would get their names and, at some point, have them take oaths of allegiance, after which the governor’s wife would okay their appointments as market leaders.

Before they get you appointed as a market leader in Abia, you must pay an exorbitant fee in form of bribery to Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu’s wife through Mr. Peter Johnson C. I would be referencing Ekeoha Market to validate my claims here.

In Ekeoha Market, before the governor’s wife okays your appointment as a market chairman, you must pay a minimum of 5 million naira cash to Madam through Mr. Peter.  Another agreement you must enter into with the office of Her Excellency is that you must be making periodic returns to Her Excellency through what is termed security levies.

There are about 10,000 stores in Ekeoha Market. Each of the stores pays around 5,000 naira as security levy to whoever is appointed chairman of Ekeoha Market by Her Excellency. These security levies are not packaged for the security and development of the market, but for servicing Her Excellency.

This trend is applicable to all other markets she’s overseeing, including Ariaria International Market.  Since the last eight years, the resources siphoned from all these markets by Deaconess Nkechi Ikpeazu would have comfortably transformed our markets to world-class markets. 

But look at where we are as a people because of few people’s greed.

Mrs. Nkechi Ikpeazu is a deaconess in the Seventh Day Adventist Church but these stories associated to her office are so pernicious and somewhat maleficent to be linked to a true child of God and a devout Christian of the Adventist faith.

The governor’s wife is busy buying properties all over the country and making investments with poor traders’ money while the markets these traders do their businesses in are in ruins.

A tour to some universities around the would reveal to you how they have built rented hostels and lodges with resources realized from our markets and other government and public establishments while citizens of the State languish in penury and abject poverty.

The said Peter Johnson C. who has been doing all the shoddy and dishonorable deals for Deaconess Nkechi Ikpeazu in the name of personal assistant was a barber in a hair salon before the emergence of Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu. He has become a moneybag overnight just by getting a little percentage from the shoddy deals he does for Her Excellency. 

This should give you a clear picture of how much of our collective resources have been stolen by these people in only eight years. 

As promised, gradually and promptly too, we shall be unearthing all the properties they have acquired with our resources around and outside Abia State, while Abians are starving and suffering. 

Those who pocketed ASOPADEC, ASUBEB, etc., should get ready to account for all our resources they have taken through dubious means.

To be continued…


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