When Acho Nwakanma founded his Ukwa Ngwa Elders Council using Max Nduaguibe as the ceremonial head, I knew some unscrupulous persons were up to something, but only had to hide under the umbrella of Ukwa Ngwa elders to carry out wicked plans against Abia and her citizens. 

Major members of the Ukwa Ngwa Elders Council were even oblivious of why that forum was formed till date. To some of them, it’s just a forum of the elite championing the retention of power in the old Aba Division for another eight years.  

To the real protagonists of that forum, secretly headed by Eric Acho Nwakanma – Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu’s brother in-law – the architectural plan of the forum was to blackmail the governor into giving them the power to run the state the way they wished. 

Of course, they got that successfully because of the powers they used to beguile the governor.

Between 9th and 10th of March, 2022, there was a meeting between Acho Nwakanma, Theo Nkire, Raymond Aliga, Uche Ikonne and six others. One woman also attended the meeting. I will be mentioning the woman’s name and her involvement and roles aimed at actualizing these wicked plans in my other revelations.

At the meeting, the cabal nominated Uche Ikonne as the person they would be introducing to the governor as his successor as against C.O. Enweremadu who was initially being projected. 

They asked Ikonne to go home, consult his family and return to them on a later date to sign some documents. Of course, they reconvened on a later date as agreed upon after Ikonne had excitedly showed his readiness to play along with the cabal. 

This time around, they signed an agreement on the percentage the cabal will be taking from Abia security votes, federal allocations, contracts to be awarded and revenues from Ariaria, Ahia-Ohuru and other markets, should they end up convincing the governor to go along with their plan.

Shortly after that meeting, the cabal decided it was time to take Uche Ikonne to  see the governor. After some sort of hesitation, he accepted to go with them because these powerful folks had already sent projections to beguile him – the governor. 

They dolled out Abia resources running into 300 million naira at first to get Uche Ikonne ready. The money moved from Aba governor’s lodge to Raymond Aliga’s house at midnight before they handed the bags of money over to Uche Ikonne and few close persons who accompanied him.

It was also from that 300 million naira that 20 million naira was spared to purchase the PDP nomination and expression of interest forms for Uche Ikonne on 30th of March, 2022, to be precise.

The most ridiculous aspect of the whole thing is that these cabal who nominated Ikonne to rule over millions of Abians do not even have electoral values in their respective villages.

Chief Acho Nwakanma, for instance, if given the whole resources, cannot even command a single vote in Ohanze, his village. After serving as a deputy governor, he has become a kola boy to the woman they smuggled in as Obingwa Local Government Area chairman from the backdoor.

Raymond Aliga, on the other hand, has now replaced Chimaeze Nwafor as the Personal Assistant to the governor. He is not known in his village. He can’t command a single vote there..

Dee Theo Nkire, as the first attorney general of Abia State in those days, is an outdated and expired politician who has no place in today’s contemporary politics. The list is endless.

These are people who have perfected plans to put all Abians in their pocket for the next eight years if we do not stand up to fight them now. 

My part two of this article would be revealing a whole lot. I would be exposing how much millions the cabal also collected from Dr. Chris Odinaka Igwe before they selected his immediate younger brother, Barr. Philip Okey Igwe, to be Ikonne’s running mate.

Abia is in serious trouble. 

We have to fight now. 

Swim or be ready to sink. 


  1. Whatever scheme they like let them perfect, the state must be liberated next year. Never again would Abia and her citizens go through this harrowing experience of the past.


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