A man has prayed the court to order his wife to pay him the sum of N1.6m in exchange for divorce.

Forty-five-year-old Yusuf Muhammad made the request Monday to a Sharia court sitting in Magajin Gari, Kaduna State, Nigeria, after his wife, Murjanatu Nasiru, asked the court to grant her divorce by way of redemption (Khul’I).

Nasiru had earlier promised to refund Muhammad the N30,000 he paid as her dowry.

“I gave her N50,000 as dowry, not N30,000 and she made me lose the N35,000 monthly allowance I used to receive from my brothers as a result of ill health,” Muhammad told the court.

He added: “Since we got married in 2018, my brothers stopped sending me the monthly allowance because I married her.

”Therefore she has to pay me the money before getting the divorce from me.”

There was no prior agreement to pay the defendant any money, Nasiru said – through her lawyer Abubakar Abdullahi – in response to Muhammad’s request.

“I don’t want to continue with the marriage because I don’t want to disobey God,” she said.

Judge Rilwanu Kyaudai adjourned the case to 15 September for Nasiru to produce her witnesses.


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