When Chakera Henry went to visit a friend in hospital, she never expected to discover another friend’s husband was having a shocking affair.

Chakera was looking for her friend in the emergency department when she spotted the man in question with another woman, who was clearly pregnant.

“It kind of looked strange and I realised he was hugging up on her, so me being me I went over and I said, ‘how is my friend?’. He said ‘Who?’ So I said ‘your wife’,” she explains in her TikTok video, which has now been viewed 14 million times.

“He looked at me straight and said, ‘I am not married’.”

“I was at their house on Sunday, and he’s telling me he’s not married right in front of the girl, so that tells me he’s the father of that baby.”

Chakera was visiting a friend in hospital when she spotted her other friend’s husband with a pregnant woman. Source: TikTok

“I had to tell my friend the truth about her cheating husband”

Recording a video immediately after the encounter, Chakera explained that the man’s wife was also on her way to visit their sick friend.

“I called my friend now, I said where you at, because she’s going to come to the hospital,” she explained.

“So she’s on her way. World War II will happen here because our secret is about to bust out.”

Chakera said she had no hesitation in making sure her friend knew the truth and saw her husband for herself once she arrived.

“A lot of people (on Tiktok) said I shouldn’t have said anything, but how else should I have dealt with it? I can see no other way,” she said.

“They have two kids together, now he has got another woman pregnant” 

In a follow-up YouTube video, Chakera said her friend’s husband has now threatened her with legal action, but she plans to post an update on what happened when the wife found out soon. 

“I was at their wedding, so I know he’s married, I’m not dreaming. On Sunday we were all sat down laughing, chatting and carrying on,” she said.

“So for him to tell me he’s not married, he just ripped me. All this time this (pregnant) woman was still sitting there, her foot fidgeting like ‘what’s happening here?’.”

“They have two kids and this is how he repays her, going with another woman, not just having an affair but getting her pregnant.”



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