Actress Iyabo Ojo has told controversial cleric Adelana Solomon (also known as Oba Solomon) that she is the type of wife who completely steals her husband’s love and leaves none for any other woman.

The actress said this as she bantered with the preacher recently in an Instagram Live session with her colleague Kemi Korede and comedian Olatayo Amokade.

During the session, Solomon wooed Ojo, claiming he knew her desires, likes and dislikes.

He said: “I know what you want. What you be and who you be. What you like and what you dislike.”

But Ojo told him she didn’t want to have anything to do with married men when it comes to relationships. 

“But I don’t want a married man but you are,” she said. “I don’t want a married man in my life right now, I need a single bobo.”

She added:“I am a glorious child. It’s not possible to be married to a person like me and still remember the one at home. I’m the kind of person that when you’re with, you won’t remember another woman.

“I am also the kind of person that loves to fight for women’s interests in general and I wouldn’t want to hurt another one.

“It won’t be nice if I give a single guy the boot because of a married man. If I were married, would you have talked to me?”


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