Out of ignorance and negligence, Ndi Igbo have trapped the souls of millions of people whose corpses are laying helplessly across thousands of mortuaries scattered all over Igbo land. 

I will continue to hammer on this topic until our people open their eyes to see the spiritual implications of this borrowed culture of stockpiling dead bodies in mortuaries as well as the whole idea of running mortuary business in Igbo land.

Let me make it clear to anyone who cares to listen, the angels have deserted Igbo land and that explains why our once peaceful society has turned into a place of maiming, senseless violence, drug abuse and lots more. 

The souls of millions of people whose corpses are languishing in mortuaries in Igbo land are fighting the peace and progress of our society because we have refused to accord them proper burial, which is simply putting them six feet below the surface of the earth.

This is an undiluted fact. 

So long as we continue to stockpile dead bodies in mortuaries in Igbo land, we will never experience the peace and tranquillity we had back in the days before the introduction of embalming dead bodies and keeping them for months and even years before they are laid down to rest with mother earth. 

Check history.

There was a reasonable amount of unity and love amongst Ndi Igbo before the introduction of mortuary business. 

Why would a fellow Igbo kidnap his brother and demand ransom for his release? 

Why would an Igbo man open fire on his brothers and shoot them dead in their numbers? 

Do we think that these senseless attacks and killings are just natural without any spiritual undertone? 


Igbo Land is now being infiltrated by zombies. 

The unknown gunmen, hired assassins and touts causing the people pain and sufferings are imports of the dead bodies languishing in mortuaries, whose souls have now taken up war against the living, by possessing idle youths and leading them into these crimes against humanity. It is not ordinary for an Igbo person to butcher his brother. Cannibalism and kidnapping are not identities of a true Igbo man.

We are a hard-working people. 

Most of these things happening today in our land are alien to our culture. The time to bury all the dead bodies and dismantle all the mortuaries in Igbo land is now!

Igbo land is gradually becoming a residential home for wandering ghosts who turn into zombies and affect the progress of the Igbo nation. Today, businesses are moving out from Onitsha, Owerri, Nnewi and Aba to other neighboring cities outside the southeast because of the fear of the unknown and we think this is normal?

Until these trapped souls in mortuaries are released by burying them immediately, the problems facing Igbo land will continue and even escalate to the point where everyone will desert Igbo land because ghosts and living beings cannot cohabit. 

Get rid of all the dead bodies littered across mortuaries in Igbo land and we will see our land flourish again.


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