A TEACHER has shown off an incredible outfit change that has people joining the waitlist for her classes.

TikToker Silvi stunned in a transformation that made her look “absolutely beautiful.”

In a recent video, the teacher, who can be found @silvialove_, first showed off a baggier outfit that hid her figure.

She still managed to look gorgeous in high-waisted dress shorts, a cheetah print top, and a long black blazer, despite the more conservative feel.

Her long brown hair flowed while she swayed to the beginning of an iconic song.

In the on-screen text, she asked for her users to stay till the end if they like teachers.

Then, when the beat dropped, her long blazer disappeared, revealing the adorable halter top and her incredible physique.

Users were obsessed with the transformation and said they all definitely waiting for the major change.

“Not going anywhere,” one fan commented.

Another was grateful that he saw the awesome outfit and said she was “absolutely beautiful.”

“When is class I need to make sure I have a front row seat,” a different delighted user said.

Others even teased about breaking rules so they would have to hang out with the lovely lady after school

Previously, a teacher claimed that she goes from a 5 to a 10 when she leaves a class and strips off her work outfit.

And another teacher shared that everyone loves her work wardrobe, but there’s an item she has to wear in class that might come as a surprise.

The Irish Sun


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