Juju maestro King Sunny Ade – KSA – has agreed to meet the woman who claims she was fathered by him.

The 76-year-old musician has agreed to his lawyer – Donald Ajibola – setting up a meeting between him and Elizabeth Ayeni, 52, according to an online news outlet.

Ajibola said KSA would meet with Elizabeth when he’s got some free time.

“I contacted Ayeni some days back and told her that I had spoken with Sunny Ade,” Ajibola said on Monday. “What I told her was that I spoke with him and he agreed to meet her,” adding that “the only thing is that he is too busy and cannot meet her now. It was even difficult for me to meet him. When he has time, he will meet with her.”

Elizabeth confirmed she had spoken with Ajibola in regards to meeting with KSA and that he did not tell her when exactly.

She said she intends to ask KSA to agree to a paternity test that would ultimately help her get a sense of her true identity.


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