Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has heard the testimony of a woman, Chioma Daniel, who dragged her husband, Ifeanyi Daniel, to court for divorce on the accounts of irresponsibility, assault and threat to her life by the latter.

Chioma told the court that she was no longer loved by her husband who was formerly loving and liberal with his money, but suddenly became cruel and miserly.

She added that he refused that she had peace of mind because he was always harassing and threatening her.

The plaintiff pleaded for the dissolution of their union, custody of their two children, adding that her husband be mandated to be in charge of their upkeep, giving priority to feeding, education, health care.

She further enjoined the court to restrain her husband from threatening and interfering with her private.

Ifeanyi denied all the claims brought against him.

He also refused that his wife had custody of their children.

Chioma giving her evidence stated that, “I met my husband in 2010 and went into a relationship with him.

“Ifeanyi lavished me with attention and treated me like a queen. I went into marriage with him because I was convinced he was the right man for me.

“We held an introduction ceremony, but he didn’t pay my bride price.

“My relationship with my husband took a new turn after I got pregnant and had our first child.

“Ifeanyi who was once caring, responsible and liberal with his money suddenly became stingy.

“He passed his role as breadwinner in the home to me. We started feeding and running our home with my salary.

“Ifeanyi became cruel and was in the habit of harassing and beating me. He would punch, kick and leave me feeling sour always.

“I became bitter and unhappy in our marriage, but he cared less about my feelings.

“I was impoverished as a result of meeting too many needs in the home.

“Any time fortune smiled on me and I made an extra income, my husband would raise issues thereby making my life miserable.

“I bought a piece of land without his knowledge and started building a house on it.

“He went irate when he learnt about it and took to threatening me.

“He forcefully collected the documents of my landed property and that of the structure I was erecting on it from me.

“Ifeanyi constantly ridiculed me in our compound and neighbourhood by beating and sending me out into the street late in the night.

“I have stayed awake throughout the night in the cold on many occasions, nursing the fear of being molested or abused by night marauders.

“I later moved out of his house because it was obvious my life was no longer safe with him.

“My lord, I appeal for the dissolution of our marriage and custody of our children.

“I also entreat the court to make my husband responsible for our children’s upkeep, giving more attention to their feeding, education and medical care.

“I further pray the court to restrain my husband from threatening or interfering with my private life.

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, after hearing the plaintiff adjourned the case till May 5 for cross examination and defense.



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