(Daily Mail) – A Nigeria n man has been extradited to Nebraska for a $6million fraud where he tricked business employees into wire transfers and preyed on others by masquerading as a love interest.

Alex Ogunshakin, 40, who was at the top of the FBI Cyber’s Most Wanted List after a fraud indictment in 2019 filed in Omaha, Nebraska, was arrested in Nigeria and ultimately surrendered to the U.S.

Acting U.S. Attorney Susan Lehr announced Tuesday the successful extradition of Ogunshakin, who made his first court appearance on September 29 and has been detained pending trial.

Ogunshakin allegedly defrauded more than $6million from more than 70 businesses in Nebraska and across the U.S. through a business email compromise (BEC) scheme between 2016 and 2017.

He and his co-conspirators were accused of posing as the chief executive officer, president, owner, or other executives of the targeted companies.

Using spoofed email accounts, they directed business employees to complete wire transfers. Two unnamed companies in Nebraska lost more than $530,000 in the scam.

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