Nigerian self-styled Prophet Andrew Ojimadu midweek asked his flock to abstain from sex for one year, saying it’s a prerequisite for fixing Africa’s myriad of problems.

Ojimadu, better known as Prophet Seer, is the General Overseer of Christ Freedom Church.

Domiciled in the Republic of South Africa, Ojimadu is well-known in the eastern and southern parts of Africa such as Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Rwanda. 

He said the sexual abstinence has to be practised by both married and unmarried folks. 

“This will ensure the complete holiness needed to seek God’s attention in solving the continent’s problems,” Ojimadu wrote on social media. “Such collaborative abstinence would move God to intervene.”

“Dear followers of Seer, looking at what’s happening in Africa today, I have declared a one year of no sex period. You must not have sex for one year.

“Let’s seek the face of the Lord in total holiness so that his anger in Africa will be reduced.

“This is for both the married, in a relationship and single.”


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