President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo in the United Kingdom and Ireland – Joe Ukemenam – says the detained IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu’s house in London is worth more than £10 million. That is without Kanu having any traceable business .

Ukemenam – a professor – made the disclosure in an interview with The Sun newspaper, adding that there was no evidence of tax returns or national insurance contributions and whatnot of the IPOB leader.

He said: “The FG has support around the world on this matter and that shows you the difference between Kanu and Mandela.

“So even if FG is treating him as a political prisoner or prisoner of conscience, it will be hard for the FG, as pressure from external countries may not support that.

“On the issue of money laundering, external countries, including Britain, are assisting the FG by providing documentary evidence.

“Kalu’s house in London is worth over £10 million and there is no documentary trail to demonstrate where the fund came from or the business he was conducting that generated such income.

“No evidence of tax returns or National Insurance contributions, etc.

” All these frustrated our efforts in the UK to get Members of Parliament to intervene.

“They could not also find him on the electoral register in any constituency; at least that is what they told us as reasons and challenges in intervening.

“With these and others, the Federal Government is under no real push to hasten consideration for his early release.

“Instead, President Buhari insists that he must face the full weight of the process.

“The comparisons people make with other agitators in custody or otherwise are not the same if you look at the details, which is what the law does in situations like this.

“Even if the courts order his release today, President Buhari may still hold him back under his powers. That is the nature of the situation.”


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