A staff of the University of Benin in Nigeria’s midwest took his own life Friday because of extreme financial difficulties.

Prince Carter Oshodin, a data entry personnel, had not been paid salaries for months owing to an industrial action embarked upon by the Non-Academic Staff Union of Nigerian universities, NASU, which he was a member of.

Although the strike was called off more than two weeks ago, NASU members are yet to be paid their salaries..

A professor in the university, who doesn’t want his name mentioned, confirmed the news and wondered why the government had not paid those who called off their strike.

He said: “Yes he is our staff that killed himself due to lack of money. Even some months ago, he was quoted to have been advising people on coping strategies and yet he took his life which has put his family in a bigger problem.

“We have been paid no dime since we went on strike. This is the 10th of September, the non academic staff that has since resumed have not been paid anything. Boko Haram! No to Western education!”

Another colleague, simply known as Edward, said Oshodin took to Facebook to lament that he could no longer meet his financial obligations, particularly that of paying his two daughters’ tuitions.

“He committed suicide on Friday and according to a post on his Facebook, he said he was facing financial difficulties and could not pay the school fees of his two young daughters. It is a pathetic situation,” Edward said”


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