A Ugandan pastor, David Ochieng, has shut down his church after winning over 100 million from a sports bet.

However, the church members were left in disbelief and confusion.

He closed down the building and left members of his congregation stranded when they came for midweek service. Members of the church who visited the premises were shocked when they saw that the gate was locked and did not know what to do.

Pastor David was contacted and confessed to choosing the work as a means of survival and not that he was genuinely called.

He explained, “I must admit that I opened this church due to ‘greed’ but not anointing. I saw how several pastors make money through the crowds they have and making fake prophesies to attract more,” he narrated.

“As time passed, I realized this wasn’t right, I started having sleepless nights, and I would always have weird dreams. Before I opened this church, everything was normal on my side; even without money, I didn’t get any strange dreams, so I decided to abolish this and look for other ways of making money.

“So one day, a notification about fixed games pops up on my phone. It was an interesting story, and I followed it to the dot. I got the website link and sacrificed the 1m I had to pay for these games, surprisingly, it took me about a month to receive the games.

“They told me they had issues with their system and the process of securing games takes time, I almost gave up and called them scammers but they contacted me with the details, and wow! I went full swing. I got odd of 700.

“I had to stop the church because I had got my ways of making money, until now, I have made a lot that I have made a lot that I never imagined I would ever get in my life.”



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