A 25-year-old pretty wife of a police officer has been impregnated by her neighbour.

Ethel Musune Banda from Lusaka in Zambia had borrowed K50 (50 kwacha which is about N1,301) from her 30-year-old married neighbour but when she couldn’t pay back the loan in good time, she decided to square it up with sex, culminating in the pregnancy.

Ethel narrated her story to the Matero Local Court as she shed tears.

“My neighbour, Boyd Tobias Tembo, gave me K50 on credit which I failed to pay back in good time and ended up sleeping with him to pay it off but unfortunately I got pregnant before my husband Edwin Banda – a police officer – could return from peace keeping mission abroad.

“This man is married, I am not happy that he impregnated me over a K50 credit despite knowing that am also married. He has ruined my marriage and he is refusing to accept responsibility.”

Ethel, who is now six months pregnant, had been receiving her husband’s full salaries every month from the bank (while he was away oversees), making the court wonder why exactly she decided to sleep with another man over a small loan.


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