Prince Andrew, who has reportedly refused to vacate royal lodge, could turn against his elder brother King Charles III to secure his future out of the Firm, just like his nephew Prince Harry.

The Duke of York, according to royal insiders, fears his family “might even turn off the utilities” to get him out of the royal residence, where he has lived for 20 years.

The 74-year-old monarch wants the Duke of York to vacate 30-room mansion on the Crown Estate as per his plans to shuffle the senior members into new residences. Prince William and Kate, the Princess of Wales are expected to relocate to the royal lodge.

However, some royal experts have warned the newly crowned king of his younger brother Andrew’s possible future actions, fearingthe Duke may turn against the monarch.

There are also speculations and rumours that the disgraced royal is waiting for a lucrative deal like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex out of the palace to secure his and family’s future.

Andrew would have to downsize and move into Frogmore Cottage, the former residence of the California-based couple. However, he is reportedly resisting relocation attempts, insiders have suggested.

The Duke has insisted he would rather speak to his older brother face-to-face with friends of the Prince suggesting to Sky News he could come to a deal with the King if he just agreed to “do the right thing” and talk it out.

The friend also said Prince William should reach out “for a cup of tea” with his uncle to lay out a timeline that would suit both families. Sources have told prominent US journalist Daphne Barak that the Prince is fearful that the royals may attempt to force him out.

Insiders said he worries building managers may turn off his gas, water and electricity, leaving him with little choice but to move into his new property.

Ms Barak, who is reportedly “very close” to people who are closest to the Prince, quoted her source as saying he is concerned the “knives are out” following the Coronation.

They said: “He’s concerned that now the Coronation is over, the knives are out.

“He’s worried that the royals might even turn off the utilities to get him out of there. But we’re dealing with human beings, not real estate.”

Another source added that he is seeking a meeting with the King, saying: “If Charles wants Andrew to play ball and help the family, aren’t there better ways of going about it? Why not do the decent thing, sit down and talk?”

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