Prince William has lost his crown. No not his actual, royal crown, but his official title as “world’s hottest bald man”.

Instead Vin Diesel has taken the top spot as the sexiest follicly-challenged bloke on the planet, dethroning the Prince of Wales who has taken the accolade for the previous two years.

The light-hearted study actually has some scientific basis drawing on aspects such as facial golden ratio (which crowned Jodie Comer the most beautiful woman in the world earlier this week), Twitter sentiment analysis (looking at over 2.45 million tweets), net worth and height.

The research, compiled by Reboot SEO Agency, also takes into consideration each celebrity’s cranial shine factor (ie how shiny their heads are) to create an index score out of 10.

Last year the study sparked a huge debate online with many celebrities such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Mike Tyson giving their views on the divisive results.

Vin Diesel has taken the ‘world’s hottest bald man’ crown, pictured in March 2022. (Getty Images)

This year, Fast & Furious actor Diesel – real name Mark Sinclair – claimed the honour for 2022, with a score of 6.46 out of 10.

Apparently the actor scored highly on almost all the index factors, clocking up a cranial shine factor of 563.65 candelas per square meter.

This equates to his head reflecting light with 70.46% of the luminous intensity of a standard light bulb.

In second spot was the ever popular actor Stanley Tucci. A social media fan favourite, 17% of the tweets about the Inside Man star regarded him as good looking.

While an analysis of his facial features reveals a golden ratio proximity of 75.83%, second only to Jason Statham.

Fan favourite Stanley Tucci came in second spot, pictured in October 2022. (Getty Images)

Previous winner the Prince of Wales meanwhile only managed to scrape into fifth spot.

Points which worked in the father-of-three’s favour include his height at 6ft 2, which puts him as the second tallest in the top ten – the tallest is wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at 6ft 4 who claimed the ninth spot.

He also scored well on Twitter where 15.69% of all tweets about the royal describe him as sexy.

The eternally popular Jason Statham still made the top ten, but only managed ninth place, with Mike Tyson and Bruce Willis also taking up positions in the top ten.

Just like last year it seems social media had something to say about the 2022 results with many heading to Twitter to let their feelings be known.

“Not the radio saying Vin Diesel is the sexiest bald man alive like The Rock and Sean Evans don’t exist???” one user wrote.

“Who is responsible for making Vin Diesel the sexiest bald man alive?” another asked.

“Vin diesel dethroning Prince William for the sexiest bald man alive is the craziest thing I heard all year,” yet another user commented.

Not only were many people surprised by the results, it seems the position Dwayne Johnson came in the list also courted some controversy.

“We live in a world where Vin Diesel wins Sexiest Bald Man of the Year and the Rock wasn’t mentioned,” one fan pointed out.

Dwayne Johnson only managed to secure ninth spot this year, pictured in October 2022. (Getty Images)

‘Hottest bald man in the world 2022’ list

1. Vin Diesel – 6.46/10

2. Stanley Tucci – 6.33/10

3. Shemar Moore – 6.25/10

4. Pitbull – 6.16/10

5. Prince William – 6.13/10

6. Jason Statham – 5.96/10

7. Bruce Willis – 4.75/10

8. Joe Rogan – 4.37/10

9. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – 3.62/10

10. Mike Tyson – 2.50/10

Prince William has lost his sexiest bald man crown, pictured in November 2021. (Getty Images)

Story: Marie Claire Dorking

Source: Yahoo


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