I know for certain that Simon Ekpa isn’t invisible. 

I also know that he may not be entirely the mastermind of the carnage going on in the South-East.

But it is CRUCIAL that he’s smoked out and tried as a mastermind of terror against Ndi Igbo. 

To say that the governors of the south-East have failed will be an understatement. 

The ones their tenures are ending should hurry up and leave already.

They’re a disgrace.

I mean Okezie Ikpeazu and Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. 

Two Idiots. 

Umahi have done a good job maintaining some level of stability for his people. 

But clearly his people are part of the monsters causing carnage in neighboring states.

Soludo and Hope should know that nothing is more paramount than the security of their states. 

They should go to Abuja and demand that the federal government throw their weight behind them.

They need to pause everything and match these beasts 500 deaths for the death of one innocent onye Igbo.

It should be full scale war till these monsters are neutralized. 

If this is not done as quickly as possible, we’re in for a shock!


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