She wore enormous prosthetic breasts with prominent nipples barely constrained in tight clothing.

This was exactly how one transgender teacher in a secondary school west of Toronto, Ont., Canada, recently showed up to work: the classroom.

An image from a video taken at Ontario’s Oakville Trafalgar High School showing a shop teacher wearing enormous silicone breasts with visible nipples while teaching class. PHOTO BY TWITTER

The photos and videos from her students sparked a frenzy that spread like wildfire online.

The controversy this act generated prompted Ontario’s governing body for licensing and regulating schoolteachers to agree to review its professional standards.

And on Sept. 26, Stephen Lecce – Ontario’s education minister – asked the Ontario College of Teachers to review and consider strengthening its professional conduct provisions.

The college accepted the challenge.

Spokesperson for the college, Andrew Fifield, said: “The College has been reviewing its professional standards in response to Minister Lecce’s request. We will provide our response to the Minister when it is ready. Per the Minister’s request, we are reviewing the supports and guidance the College provides to members with respect to teacher professionalism.”

The findings are expected to be shared with the minister this month.


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