Nigerians frequently wake to bizarre allegations of corruption that involve large amounts of money.

But recently, animals have been accused of making away with huge sums of money or eating up financial documents.

This embarrassing trend appears to be a new twist to the common news story about alleged corrupt practices.

The strange phenomena of animals being blamed for missing funds without trace has over time elicited a flurry of reactions.

This report chronicles animals accused of eating up, swallowing money in Nigeria:

Termites ‘eat up’ NSITF documents containing expenditures worth N17bn

Termites were alleged to have eaten up some documents of the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) containing expenditures worth N17.1 billion.

These documents are said to contain details of spendings by the agency in 2013.

The NSITF management stated this when it appeared before the Senate Public Accounts Committee (SPAC).

The current Managing Director, Michael Akabogu, said the documents were in the organisation’s possession.

He said: “The container the said documents were kept by past management has not only been beaten by rains over the years but even possibly been eaten up by termites,” he told the panel.

“I told the past management officers on the need for them to help us out in answering this query with necessary documents which have not been made available for us.”

Snake swallowed N36m

In 2018, a sales clerk was suspended after she told auditors that a snake had swallowed 36 million Naira proceeds from sale of scratch cards.

The clerk, Philomena Chieshe, was working at an office for the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) in Benue state.

A representative of JAMB, Fabian Benjamin had said that the employee admitted to the auditors that the snake “swallowed” the missing money.

She admitted that she had the money and kept it in an office’s safe, but the snake came and swallowed the money, Benjamin explained.

Gorilla swallowed N6.8 million

In 2019, a gorilla was accused of swallowing N6.8 million in the Kano Zoological Gardens, according to BBC Pidgin.

A finance officer in the zoo was quoted as saying the gorilla sneaked into an office and carted away the money before swallowing it.

The managing director of the zoo, Umar Kobo confirmed that the money went missing and that the issue was subjected to investigation by the state government.

Monkey swallowed N70m

In February 2018, Senator Shehu Sani stated the N70 million, which was given to the Northern Forum of Senators, was swallowed by monkeys at the leader’s farm.

Sani told reporters minutes after Senator Abdullahi Adamu was deposed as chairman of the Northern Senators Forum.

Senator Adamu was accused of misuse of N70 million belonging to the Northern senators Forum.

Sani said according to the deposed Senator, that some monkeys had allegedly swallowed the money.


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