Afrobeats singer Seun Kuti has responded to some Instagram users’ reference to him as cold-hearted for sharing an article about hungry Nigerian children on the platform instead of expressing sympathies to Davido for the loss of his son – Ifeanyi.

The scion of legendary Fela – the originator of Afrobeats – had shared a screenshot of a report that reads, “Over one in 10 children in Nigeria die before their fifth birthday due to acute hunger -Report,” while Nigerians grieved the loss of Davido‘s son.

In the comment section, several social media users berated his behaviour, calling it inappropriate.

Responding to the knocks, the Egypt 80 bandleader said in a video he wasn’t required to post about the boy’s sudden death to express his grief, adding that since he had never promoted Davido’s accomplishments on his page, “his son’s passing shouldn’t have been” the first thing he would announce.

Seun said he would rather visit Davido to express his sympathies personally.

He added that while he had not asked anyone not to mourn Ifeanyi, nobody had the right to tell others how to grieve.

Seun made it clear he does not “publicly grieve the loss of someone.”


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