By now all that Peter Obi stands for, his philosophy, accomplishments, history, et cetera, are in the public domain. 

From top to bottom, the Labor Party presidential candidate has been scrutinized and it will shock Nigerians that virtually nothing negative is found about him. 

His simplicity, humility, worldview remain breaths of fresh air.

Peter Obi has no certificate scandals, no pending corruption cases. The EFCC is not looking for him. His time as governor is said to be so stellar even Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is mesmerized. President Buhari is said to be privately fazed that such a Nigerian exists. Even Baba is aware of the revolution that has caught fire and moving across the country.

This is the first time since independence that a presidential candidate will generate so much optimism the centripetal forces acting against Nigeria are caught flat-footed. Finally, the youth are awake, the old are awake, the suffering and silent majority are awake, the angels too are scampering all over the place to make sure this revolution to take back the soul of Nigeria is kept alive.

Needless to say so much is riding on Peter Obi’s REVOLUTION. And it’s high time the downtrodden poverty stricken and disease plagued population of the North are liberated from their elite. It’s time majority of Nigerians are liberated from the hordes of scammers, certificate forgers, professional politicians known for pen robberies

So much is riding on Peter Obi, the man, the visionary, the leader, the avatar, the David ready to slay Goliath.

Just a simple view of the socio-economic and political terrain that this growing revolution seeks to accomplish. 

First, the country stands to restructure herself with a Peter Obi in Aso Rock. Budget padding with billions winding up in politicians’ bank accounts will stop. I bet you, no Accountant-General can steal a dime and the EFCC will release him after a few hours. The NNPC cannot murder sleep and let billions of dollars go unaccounted for.

The above is just for a start. For the current reigning killer Fulani herdsmen, the fear of PO will be the beginning of wisdom. The army will sure pursue them all the way to the Fouta Djallon mountains and beyond Morocco, Chad, the Central African Republic, Niger, Burkina Faso and sundry places in between.

For agencies like INEC, Customs, Immigration, Federal Airports Authority, NPA, their managers will immediately know a new sheriff is in town and their lethargy, laziness and tardiness will not be business as usual. Oh, by the way, a President Peter Obi will make sure Nigeria will not be subsidizing fuel with billions of dollars that cannot be accounted for. 

The stealing, the corruption, lying by legislators, and all manner of scoundrels, charlatans, political jobbers, emergency checkpoints by emergency security agents will be a thing of the past. There will no longer be fuel scarcity on Christmas days like the ones Lai Mohammed orchestrated every year for the past seven years.

In fact, there’s a laundry list of actions to be taken to recalibrate the national psyche and to regain the country’s international respect. 

Peter Obi will hit the G20 meeting with Western leaders, all feeling the new stride of a Nigerian president letting everyone understand the implications of Nigeria’s arrival back on the international scene. 

The UN will know the giant is back on her feet and investors will be falling over themselves to rush back to Nigeria to navigate through all they missed in the last eight years. 

So much is riding on this Thomas Sankara or Paul Kagame of Nigeria. 

A new wind seems to be blowing across the country. 

We cannot wait to breathe a sigh of relief. 

For our Obidience, we are about to reclaim the Nigeria of our dreams.


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