A court in the US Monday sentenced a woman to life in prison for beating her four-month-old daughter to death.

Twenty-nine-year-old Tradezsha Trenay Bibbs of Houston, Tex, killed the infant because her relationship with the (child’s) father abruptly ended on a sour note.

The Houston court found Bibbs guilty of felony murder for April 16, 2016, killing of four-month-old Brielle Robinson.

She was initially found guilty of capital murder but the judgement was overturned, culminating in a fresh trial.

Police were called to the Red Carpet Inn on the Gulf Freeway where they discovered Bibbs and Brielle sharing a room in 2016.

Bibbs told officials when she heard her daughter crying, she scooped her up by the arms and dropped her on the bed, causing the child to fall to the floor, court documents filed at the time reveal,

The documents added that she continued hitting her kid until she stopped sobbing in the face, chest, ribs, and legs.

Later, Brielle was sent to Texas Children’s Hospital, where medics discovered that she had sustained significant brain trauma and several fractures.

Bibbs initially told officials that Brielle had slipped from her car seat to the concrete but later admitted fabricating the story.

She told police that a few hours after checking into the motel with the baby, she stopped caring about the child’s welfare and frequently dropped and “popped” the baby in the face.

When the infant stopped wailing, Bibbs allegedly repeatedly hit her in the ribs and chest before dialing 911.

Bibbs killed her daughter because the father of the child no longer desired a relationship with her, according to Keaton Forcht, an assistant district attorney,

During the week-long trial, jurors heard emergency room doctors testify that Bibbs did not seem interested in the baby’s medical care or the consequences for the fatal head injury she inflicted.

“Bibbs deserved a life sentence for what she did to her child,” Forcht said. “She beat her countless times and seemed to care less about the death of her daughter…”


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