I knew the chap can’t possibly be a minor.

And no, he didn’t change his date of birth at the point of obtaining the passport.

His national insurance number from 2019 bears the same date.

So the Ekweremmadus didn’t smuggle a minor into the UK.

The shit would have hit the fan the moment he arrived at the UK boarder.

Ike walked into this trap because he was being clever by half.

I believe strongly that he broke some rules.

And this has dire consequences.

If his daughter was running out of time and couldn’t be on the wait list, the right thing would be to follow the rules (Laws) and not assume you can carry the Nigerian style of doing things to a country that is organized.

I feel for the young lady who’s life is hanging on a thread.

When the Bible says: “God will use the foolish things to conform the wise,”

This saga is an example of what the phrase means.

After everything,

The money.

The power.

The control.

Some guy named David ran Ike street.

Not his fellow elite.

Not a political bigwig.

It wasn’t a contemporary.

Not an enemy.

It is David.

A guy on TikTok.

He played along.

And threw the joker when it would hit the most.

He has ripped Ike to shreds.

This should serve as a warning to our politicians.

I hope they all learn from this.



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