Mohamed Buya Turay planned his wedding for the end of July 2022, but he did not count on being signed by Malmo FF of Sweden, and the team did not allow him to travel to celebrate his marriage, but that was not an impediment for the ceremony to take place.

Who came to get married in place of Mohamed Buya Turay?

No one better than your brother to stand in for you, but it all depends on the situation, although such is the fraternal bond between Mohamed Buya Turay and his brother, that he decided to send him to represent him at the marriage ceremony in his place.

“We were getting married on July 21 in Sierra Leone. But I couldn’t be there because Malmö asked me to arrive earlier,” the striker told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

“We took the photos beforehand, so it looks like I was there, but I was not. My brother represented me at the royal wedding,” the African footballer revealed with much surprise.

His wedding ceremony, scheduled for July 21 in his native Sierra Leone, was overshadowed by the transfer to Malmö from Henan Songshan Longmen of China. It was logical that Mohamed Buya Turay would not be able to be in both places at the same time, so he asked his brother to take his place and meet his girlfriend Suad Baydoun at the altar.

There are even photos of the “wedding” on social networks

The controversial footballer took some pictures with his wife, with whom he was able to finalize the civil union in Sierra Leone before traveling to Sweden, but he was not at his own religious ceremony or at his wedding party.

And now he will have to wait to be reunited with her, although they are already planning to go on a trip before the end of the year. “I will try to take her to Sweden and Malmö now so she will be close to me. She will live here with me. First, we will win the league, and then I will go on my honeymoon,” he added.

Source: Marca


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