During the just concluded general elections in Nigeria, the first election result declared in the whole of the country was that of Isiala Ngwa Federal Constituency. 

Before 1 PM, Ginger Onwusibe had already defeated A.C. B. Agbazuere with no stress. Ginger is today standing in history as the first lawmaker to be declared winner in Nigeria during the 2023 general elections. 

This is what antecedents do.

Just like Ginger Onwusibe and many others, including this author, Agbazuere is a man coming from a very humble background. He is a man helped by God in every index to achieve the very little things he has achieved today.

He was a newspaper vendor in Lagos. In fact, poverty dealt with Agbazuere and his family. He did so many odd jobs to acquire education and even a law degree at old age. I know his story too well. Nobody has done half of what Agbazuere did to Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu in this our Abia. 

In all, God favored him through even people he vilified in the past. 

A son of a no man became a local government chairman of Isialangwa South L.G.A, became Chairman of Labor Congress, became Commissioner, headed a government agency, and then became a chief of staff to the governor.

If there is any man who should be grateful to God Almighty and build good relationships with people,big and small, that person should be Agbazuere. If there is any man who should wear humility as cassock, that person should be Agbazuere. 

A great man is not known in how many persons he has destroyed, a great man is known in how many persons he has lifted from destruction. 

Agbazuere chose to be a devil’s incarnate whose name is always mentioned wherever and whenever there is evil. Agbazuere chose to disregard God’s abundant mercy upon his life, and opted for the unpopular, which is evil.

Evil does not pay. If it does, Agbazuere would not have ended his career in such a miserable manner. He was the first person to be defeated in the whole of Nigeria during the 2023 general elections.  

That National embarrassment is just a fraction of the consequences of evildoing that Agbazuere will be facing as long as he does not repent from his evil ways and seek for forgiveness from God and men. 


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