Buhari to deliver lecture on security in Liberia.

I actually thought this was sarcasm.

But I was wrong.

Mr President actually went to Liberia today. 

No single person lost their job after the Kuje incident. 

Abuja has been on red alert for some days now.

Terrorists are closing in on us. 

So what can we possibly tell anyone about security?

The federal government doesn’t seem to know what to do.

There’s so much hunger and frustration in the land. 

Emefiele is still keeping his job.

Our roof is literally on fire.

Yet, Buhari is unperturbed.

He’s living the life.

It’s beginning to look like the prediction on Nigeria will come true. 

But I know there’s the God factor.

It has happened in this country over and over.

May it happen again.

And may Nigeria be rescued from the claws and jaws of the wicked.


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