Ekweremadu’s lawyers found themselves in the horns of an exasperating tactical dilemma: either to pattern the defence with a view to a complete exoneration, or to build it around extenuating circumstances. They chose the former, and when that defence crumbled to the dexterity and thoroughness of English criminal Justice, Ekweremadu inevitably paid the maximum price.

Had they built Ekweremadu’s defence on the 2nd tactical option, the defence would have had the opportunity of leading evidence to show that the “victim” was, indeed, not a victim after all, but a very well rewarded and willing organ – donor, and a member of the thriving Lagos human organ black market, who ensnared a father made vulnerable by the acute health condition of his daughter, and in the end, changed his mind and scammed him. Evidence of this exists.

It is no longer a secret that there is a thriving underground organ black market in Nigeria, consisting of willing donors, vicious racketeers and greedy middlemen like the crooked Doctor Obetta!Ekweremadu’s misfortune was in relying on assurances by Doctor Obetta on the viability of this market, and in agreeing to patronize it.

Unfortunately for Ekweremadu, once his defence team opted for complete exoneration, it was no longer tactically possible to lead evidence revealing the very dark and vicious aspects of the donor, and of the Lagos underground, for such evidence would have shown that Ekweremadu had the requisite intent, or MENS REA, to commit the crime with which he was charged!

In hindsight, considering that he was literally caught pants – down, I think Ekweremadu should have entered a plea – bargain, which would have involved an admission of guilt – and a mitigation of sentence!


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