The concession of the Senate Presidency to Senator Godswill Akpabio is a shrewd power play by the APC aimed at driving a wedge in the emerging rapprochement between the Southeast and other peoples of the former Eastern Region!

The calculation is to provoke vociferous resentment in the Southeast against the choice, making it clear for Akwa – Ibom State to see that the Southeast is opposed to its political advancement. APC strategists reason that a Southeastern pushback will return inter – ethnic relations with the Southsouth, particularly Akpabio’s Akwa Ibom State, to frostiness, and further isolate the Southeast politically! It is however a cynical “divide and rule” maneuver that can be constructively and deftly over – ridden: a win by Akpabio must therefore be choreographed to mean a win for the old Eastern Region!

Since at the moment the Southeast itself has no credible contenders for the position, from a Southeastern perspective, our strategic response, in the interest of amity, should be to support, and be seen to be vociferously rallying support, for the choice of Akpabio! Akpabio is Annang, and therefore our kin and neighbor, as well as our Inlaw.

Poisoning relations with Akwa Ibom just to advance the political interests of Orji Kalu or Umahi, will be, in strategic terms, a remarkable act of folly, and the Southeast caucus of the Senate should therefore do the needful in this game of realpolitik! Akpabio’s win in no way translates to a loss for the Southeast, if properly harnessed.

In any event, the choice of Akpabio is now almost a FAIT ACCOMPLI, whether or not the Southeast supports it, as the balance of political forces presently stand!


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