A cleric, Alhaji Lukman Shittu, has prayed a Grade A Customary Court to grant him divorce because his wife’s adulterous lifestyle was making him unhappy.

Shittu, who has been married to Fisayo for 20 years, told the court sitting in Mapo, Ibadan, he no longer loved his wife.

‘My wife started driving a car soon after she moved out of our home,” Shittu told the court. “She told lies that her relative gave her the car but my investigations revealed that the same man who had all along been sleeping with her bought her the car.”

He added: “My lord, Fisayo started misbehaving when things became difficult for me and I was unable to give her money to rent a shop.

“She started coming home late. She decided to take the three children from my house. And changed the school of the last child without my knowledge and the other two have vowed not to recognise me as their father anymore.

“During the last Ramadan, I invited the second one to live with me, but he turned down my offer.

”Mr Lord, do you believe that Fisayo’s lover worships in the same mosque where I am cleric?,” Shittu lamented.

Earlier, Fisayo, the petitioner who lived at Odo ona Ewe area of Ibadan contended that her husband was irresponsible and threatens her.

“Shittu deceived me into getting a loan from a micro-finance bank under the agreement that I will  use it to establish my business.

“Unknowingly, I was facilitating his adulterous intentions. Shittu frequently brings difference types of women into our matrimonial home.

“In addition, Shittu demolished the shop which I furnished with my money in order to deny me any means of sustenance.

The president of the court, Mrs S.M. Akintayo, while delivering judgment, pronounced the marriage dissolved, citing lack of love for the ruling.

Akintayo held that there was no point keeping Shittu and Fisayo together since both had agreed to part ways.

“In the interest of peace, the customary marriage between Shittu and Fisayo ceases to be henceforth,” Akintsyo ruled. “Custody of the three children is granted to Fisayo. Shittu must not be denied access to his children.”

The court further ordered that Shittu “must pay a monthly feeding allowance of N30,000 for the children’s upkeep starting from July 2022.”

Akintyo also also granted an order restraining Shittu from harassing, intimidating and interfering with the personal life of Fisayo. 


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