While the pitiable state of affairs in Abia is giving millions of Abians deep concern, members of the “blood tonic” cabal as earlier stated in the first part of this revelation, have continued to deepen plans to hold all of us hostage in our state. 

To them, any attempt to thwart their wicked plot for Abia will spell doom for them; they must protect their interests by all means. 

If it must take some diabolical measures to have their way, then it is never a problem. Have you wondered why the governor gleefully reneged on his earlier promise of handing over power to someone younger than he is?  

A full-fledged man, while addressing the citizens of his state, bragged that one of his last legacies as governor would be ensuring that he supported a younger person to succeed him, no matter where the person comes from. 

Now, all of a sudden, the same man is doing something different from what he had earlier said. 

That is the power of African voodoo. 

Do you now understand why I said in the first part of this essay that some powers were projected by the “blood tonic cabal,” led by Eric Acho Nwakanma, to beguile the governor into anointing the least person he would have chosen with an ordinary eye? 

Things are happening.

Forget the religious deception and showmanship you see, Uche Ikonne bearing the governorship ticket of the PDP remains a product of voodoo projections and manipulations. You can now wonder what would be the fate of Abians if a government with a satanic foundation befalls us. 

A certain man (I will not mention his name here for security reasons) was quoted to have said that the governor recently told people close to him that his sudden choice of Uche Ikonne has disintegrated his camp and the PDP family in Abia State. The governor went further to say that he had anticipated that the choice of Ikonne would have brought about unity, but instead, it has caused more chaos and hatred. Of course, these are words of regrets from an innocent soul under serial spiritual manipulations projected by the very same cabal in whose hands Abians have been suffering. 

Things are happening.

I believe you must have heard that some people were duped of their hard-earned money recently with the PDP deputy governorship slot in Abia State. For those who have not heard, no problem, I have the gist. 

Did you know that a former commissioner who has a hotel in Aba innocently fell victim to this fraud? In fact, another member of the House of Representatives fell victim of their scam as well. 

After the cabal had gone round collecting money from unsuspecting members of the party, they finally settled for the highest bidder from Umunneochi, Chief Chris Odinaka Igwe, whom they collected a whopping 400 million naira from to choose his immediate younger brother, Barr. Philip Okey Igwe, as Uche Ikonne’s running mate.

I am not against anyone spending his personal money to get what he wants. What I am after is what the condition of our state would look like when such persons find their way to be in charge of our collective resources. A man who spent resources as huge as 400 million naira to be a running mate to the main candidate would definitely have to collect double of such amount when he is put in charge of public resources. 

There is an Igbo adage that says, “bete anu, bete anu, o kwa n’aru nnama?” which loosely translates in Pidgin to: “Bring suya, bring suya, no be cow bodi dey suffer am?”

Abia as a state has suffered so much in the hands of people who are always collecting from the state without adding any value to the state. 

Shall we continue like this? Shall we leave the state in the hands of few persons to pocket us for another eight years? 

These are questions you should be asking yourself as you digest my message today and the ones to follow.

I will be dropping the third part of this essay soon and in it, as always, I will be making some thought-provoking revelations.. 

Stay tuned!


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