Police in Nigeria have arrested a 22-year-old man for ‘stoning’ his children to death last week.

Elisha Tari from Adamawa State said he killed his sons, who were three and five years old, because they disobeyed him. 

“I asked them to say ‘God’ but they said ‘fire’ instead,” he told newsmen at the police headquarters in Yola.

The indigene of Himike village in Michika Local Government Area allegedly repeatedly hit his two sons with stones until they died. 

Speaking to newsmen while being paraded with other suspects, Elisha said his children came to him in the kitchen on that day as he was cooking for them.

They were engaged in a conversation.

At a point in the conversation, Elisha asked the children to say ‘God’ but they instead said ‘Fire’ and kept on repeating that instead of simply saying ‘God.’

“I became provoked with their action as a result of which I picked up stones and hit them on their heads,” he said, admitting he’s an alcoholic, cannabis smoker.

Elisha is a local musician whose wife has left, leaving him with their sons to raise. 


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