Treasure Amaka Daniels, who, in the past – described herself as shy and submissive when in love – has revealed the kind of man she is a sucker for. 

Writing in her WhatsApp status, she stated: “I find calm men very attractive. I love the gentle aura. A man who doesn’t yell at me when he’s upset, who brings me peace and eases my anxiety. I just want to feel calm and safe with my man.”

Ms Daniels had stated in the past that she loves her man taking to the wheel and steering her according to his whims.

“I want to please my partner and also get pleased. I’m a shy woman and a very submissive type,” she said.

Not minding all what she has said about her type of man, Treasure does have her boundaries when it comes to love and romance.

“I would end my relationship if the man I’m dating cheats without having respect for me. I’m not saying you shouldn’t cheat but please, Daddy, cheat with a person not close to me. Don’t come and be philandering with people around me. That’s too much disrespect for my person and a lifetime stigma too,” she said.


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